Workshop in Convexity and High-Dimensional Probability

May 23-27, 2022

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Description: this workshop will feature six three-hour lecture courses. Several hours a day are allocated for research discussions in groups, on the topics broadly related to the lecture courses. The participants propose problems for discussion before and during the conference. Researchers at early stages in their career, such as graduate students, postdocs, and tenure track professors, are particularly encouraged to participate. There will also be short talks by junior participants, see the abstracts here. Previous edition of this workshop was held in December 2019.

Location: Georgia Tech campus, Kendeda building for Innovative sustainable design (the 28th building in the world to get the Living building certification) and Skiles building (the home of the School of Math). See more details and the room numbers on the schedule below. See also the interactive campus map, or this google maps screenshot.

The talks will be broadcast via Zoom: Zoom link for all the lectures


Participant list

Note that the Kendeda building for Innovative sustainable design has some rules regarding using only recyclable materials, following environmentally friendly policies and minimizing carbon footprint. The building is under 15 minutes walk from the Hampton Inn Georgia Tech hotel, where many participants are staying; those staying elsewhere are encouraged to take public transportation or bike to the workshop, if possible. The campus is equipped with bike racks. In Atlanta, there is a convenient train system called MARTA. In order to get to Hampton Inn or Georgia Tech from the Airport, one may take a half hour Marta train to the North Avenue station, and walk west for a few minutes.

See also Travel information related to Covid and Georgia Tech policies related to Covid.

Organizers: Galyna Livshyts, Orli Herscovici, Han Huang

With reimbursement requests, please contact Please fill out and send them the following form, in addition to your receipts. Please do it no later than Friday, June 3. It will take our staff some time to process your reimbursements, due to a large workload, so please do not worry if you do not hear back for a few weeks or maybe even months. You will certainly get the reimbursement eventually!

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